The first impressions are long lasting and the entrance door sets the tone and character of your home. Whether it is grand and imposing, or elegant and sophisticated, our range of doors will create an unforgettable impression on any visitor.
Barikad entrance doors combine the highest degree of security, thermal insulation, weatherproofing and durability. This means that there are virtually no limits to creativity – even large-sized doors are feasible.

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fereastra perfecta intrare usa metalica

The specificity of Barikad doors is the possibility of the client to adapt the dimensions, design, door colors according to his design. It is an ideal choice for individual approach.


Opening: Interior / Exterior


  • Rectangular pipe 60*40*3 mm / 20*30*3 mm or 60*40*3 mm / 50*30*3 mm
  • Paint: Electrostatic, standard Brown
  • Insulation: basalt mineral wool
  • Heel depth: 80/110 mm

The door structure:

  • Rectangular pipe: 60*30 mm
  • Thickness sheet: 1,5 mm, one piece on the outer side welded on the entire surface of the door.
  • Paint: Electrostatic, standard Brown
  • MDF board of 16 mm, Weatherproof: Indoor / Outdoor
  • PVC film, brand VINORIT weatherproof
  • Hinges with bearing: 6 pieces
  • Anti-Cutting System: 4 pieces
  • Rubber gasket: 2 sets
  • Thickness of the door leaf: 96 mm
  • Viewfinder: 180 ° (where applicable)
  • Insulation: Basalt Mineral Wool
  • A set of sill

Closing system:

  • upper lock: Kale (Turcia)
  • lower lock: Kale (Turcia)
  • Butuc de sus: Kozak (Ucraina) fără fluture
  • Butuc de jos: Kozak (Ucraina) cu fluture


  • Windows (with or without stained glass / matt / bronze / etc.)
  • Wrought iron
  • Other colors of electrostatic paint
  • Ancient handle
  • Decor 3D
  • Custom drawing
  • Mul-T-Lock 252/ Mul-T-Lock 257
  • Mottura 54.797 monobloc
  • Mul-T-Lock Interactive
  • Mul-T-Lock 7X7
  • Fixed arc / Larch arch
  • Different colors on the front and back of the door
  • The second set of window sills
  • Model windowsill
  • Electrostatic white paint