Generous outlook on the outside, feeling of freedom, space saving.

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This specially designed product combines great openings, easy handling with thermal and acoustic comfort. With a simple handle, you can create a continuous link between the inside and the outside.

Visibility: The lifting slider will give you a complete perspective on the exterior of your house, with a length of up to 6.5 m and a height of up to 2.5 m.

Smooth transition: Getting a wheelchair on the terrace, an armchair or a baby carriage is very easy, because the special threshold makes a very smooth passage.

Comfort: You’ll enjoy what you like, because the door protection performance has the ability to keep cold and unwanted noises.

Handling: The lifting slider is very easy to handle, even by children, due to the special lift and sliding system.

Light: the house full of natural light is a home that contributes to the general family health and eye health in particular.

Safety: The lifting sliding door will protect you from unwanted visits through the closure system and the cutting edge glass technology.

Aesthetic: The overall appearance of the house will be remarkable because the modern houses with large windows and openings are appreciated.

Quiet: You can go out and enter without disturbing anyone, helped by the silent opening and rolling systems, and the SoftClose controlled shutdown system.

Automation: For the moments you want to enjoy total relaxation, you can opt for the automatic door opening system with a remote control or a button.

Low threshold

High threshold


These systems provide easy access to terraces with ergonomic use of room space. The design, similar to the other windows and doors of the house, allows them to be integrated into the unitary architectural concept of the house.
With the sliding fitting system, our systems do not use the inside space to open. Easy operation through the tilting function is achieved by easy handling of the handle.

Fittings for oscillating sliding doors

automatic positioning of the sash;
complete anti-burglary;
ventilation perimeter;
parallel retraction less visible from the outside;
operation with minimal effort;
the operating principle does not allow incorrect handling;
rollers equipped with brushes for cleaning.


The possibility of opening both leaves makes these slides visually meet the highest requirements. The slim profile and large glazing give the home a natural feel of authentic home.

The variety of colors ensures creative freedom and adaptability to each individual style of construction.
They are ideal for mild climate climates.