The massive and imposing appearance of our doors anchories definitively in the memory of our customers the warm emotion in natural and patinated tones of wood, coming to meet the most ingenious solutions of fitting through the harmonious fusion of functionality, comfort and aesthetic refinement.


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Solid wood doors have an aesthetic look that takes us to the traditional look and gives us a sense of safety and durability. They can be made of fir, cherry, beech, oak or other essences, depending on your wishes, and can be painted, varnished and painted in different colors to be easily assorted. Besides, in the case of a redecorating, this is an important advantage, because there is no need to change the door, just to revise it. Wooden doors, treated and regularly impregnated with special substances, may have a prolonged life.


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usi din lemn 2


Which are the most inspired joins of wood essences
Which are the most suitable cuts for windows, so the daylight floods wide spaces or, on the contrary, highlights the narrow and dark spaces.
They will advise you in what kind of spaces to use the modern surfaces and where the vintage, weather patinated; where the natural, rustic wood and where – classic wood look like.
Let yourself be spit, along with our artisans team of the massive wood fascination! And choose for your home personalized designs, unique objects, soul objects that we will make to your order, just as you have imagined.
The doors can be customized and can have different styles and representations, made of solid oak, ash, pine, beech, spruce, in perfect harmony with the house and the rooms for which they were specially thought. Choose the finest finishing touch. But it’s important: the wood is alive, lives, breathes, has its own expression, shape, color and texture.
Our belief is that not your common element, your series, but your ideas and dreams, and your soul-filled objects, should take precedence when you imagine what your home will look like. And that gives us new uniqueness to your house craftsmen!
And with respect to finishes, we only work with high-quality products: water-based paints and water-based baits for every type of solid wood product.