Good anywhere

4 sliding rollers

The weight of the glass panels can be distributed anywhere: down and up or down or only uphill, because the BKS system uses 4 roller slides with 2 roller bearings on a roll, teflon coated to mitigate sliding noise.


Single sliding rail, unlimited glass panels

BKS glides through 2 horizontal slides with a single sliding channel, and the way the roller bearings are designed allow sliding panels to fit on the corners regardless of the angle formed.

All the panels parked on a small surface

Gather a large glass surface and park all the panels without space, so you’ll have plenty of space to put your table and sofas in place.


Blockage of pivoted panels

Make sure you put the locking safety of the pivot panels and you are worried that the weather might change if you are away from home, the wind will not move the panels! You can lock any of the panels individually or you can only lock the first ventilation panel!

All you see is glass!

The sliding rails can be painted in any color, so all you can see from the outside is just the bottle! Without vertical profiles, PVC-free, the BKS system is the most transparent system on the market!


Seal against infiltration

Large open spaces are easy to project and there are many options to choose from. When deciding on a glass system that suits you best for the project, seal performance should be taken into account!

Condensation removed to the outside

If you want to close with a sliding system, spaces that produce a lot of humidity in the air, such as kitchens, do not worry that the steam will condensate in contact with the outside-mounted glass.

Besides this, the condensate acquisition profile also serves to adjust the level difference for both the lower and the top.


Magnetic sealing tape between glass panels

Dacă alegi un sistem de închideri terase ce e alcatuit din 95% sticlă, de ce să nu te bucuri de transparenţă maxima?

Banda magnetică nu se îngalbeneşte şi nu se murdăreşte uşor ca chederele din PVC transparente ce le foloseam în trecut.

A plus for sealing

The design and responsibility for obtaining a watertight system continued in the case of lids on the glass profiles, the 3-Step Design ensures that the water will not penetrate inside the caps.


Secure glass

The BKS sliding system has been tested to withstand strong wind without any damage.

To secure it, the glass is heated to 650 ° and then cooled rapidly, this process gives it a 4-5 times bending strength compared to normal glass at the same thickness! If the bottle were broken, it would break into thousands of pieces, constituting a safety feature not to injure any person.

Shock resistance

In this video, you can track both the strength of the glass and the Perfect Window sliding system when it is operated mechanically.