Threshold for crossing

The lower guide rail has been redesigned in such a way that it does not form an obstacle.

Just 2 inches high
Very rounded
Apply to the floor
It does not need to bury the rail in the floor


All glass panels glide through a single rail

The BKS-T upper track has a single sliding groove and the top roller bearings are designed to allow the sliding panels to fit on the corners regardless of the angle

Glides and pivots

Slides each individual glass panel and pivots perpendicular to the sliding rail. Panels can be pivoted and parked in both sides, or both according to the chosen configuration.


The first panel used as an access door

Transform your glass sliding system into a protective glass wall and use the first panel as an access door that can be locked as a normal door by mounting a hub with a hub!

No vertical profiles

Removing vertical frames between panels creates an amazing result that minimizes distraction of visual attention.


Seal against infiltration

Large open spaces are easy to project and there are many options to choose from. When deciding on a glass system that suits you best for the project, seal performance should be taken into account!

Magnetic sealing tape between glass panels

If you choose a 95% glass closure system, why not enjoy maximum transparency?

The magnetic tape does not thicken and is not easily dirty as the transparent PVC chests that we used in the past.


Designed and tested to withstand the wind

Regardless of the climate of your area or how strong the air current is, the BKS-T sliding system has been tested to withstand strong wind without any damage.

Up to 3 m high

The sliding glass sliding shutters of the high-rise terraces using the BKS-T system will create an amazing glassy space! If you want a brightened terrace, protected in the winter but also with the option to release it all summer, the dimensions of the glass window are no longer a problem!