Large Sliding Patio Doors and Sliding Doors Perth, Wa | Avanti - OUTDOOR HOUSE

Sliding panels

Sliding system slides on a lower 5-track runner, sliding glass panels pass one beside another

Slides down the lower track

Panels park one next to each other


Threshold for crossing

The sliding threshold for the sliding system is only 1 cm high, making it a perfect system for delimiting between the kitchen and the living room.

Vertical sealing brush

Because the glass panes slide side by side, the sliding system uses sealing brushes between the glass panels.


10 m long

The lower track has 5 sliding slides, through which 5 panels can slide in one side and 5 panels on the opposite side.

Roller blocking system

You do not have to worry that the glass panels will jump off the sliding rail! Lower sliding rollers have a rail lock system making the Sliding system the most rugged sliding system in this category.


Special sealing line

În cazul balcoanelor, se poate folosi şina specială în care profilul culisant se întrepatrunde cu şina de glisare.

Up to 3.00 m high

The Sliding system can work with panels up to 100 cm wide and 300 cm high, so as much space as possible will be cut into a number of panels as small as possible.