No bottom track

The Valedo ShowCase slides on a single sliding rail mounted on the top. The floor remains completely free without any profile

Slides only on the upper track

Panels are parked due to the parking system on the heads



Floor lock

Ensures each glass panel using the floor lock and obtains system resistance.

Glass panels jointing

The glass panel joint system will ensure that the entire glass wall will function as an assembly with maximum resistance against mechanical shocks.


The parking of the glass panels is made on a special rail

The parking of the glass panels is done on two parallel rails with curved guiding for easier operation. Thanks to the design of the upper rail and the parking system, ShowCase allows the top rail to be masked in the ceiling, so when the bottle is parked, nothing remains visible.

Removable glass wall

Compartmentalize your space by optimizing the halls in the configuration you want! Simply slide the glass panels and divide a room into 2, each with its functionality, and when you need to park the glass panels and go back to the previously enlarged space.


Sealing brush

Since the ShowCase sliding system does not use a lower profile, the floor seal is ensured by the two brushes placed on the profile where the glass is glued.

Magnetic sealing tape between glass panels

If you choose a 95% glass closure system, why not enjoy maximum transparency?

The magnetic tape does not thicken and is not easily dirty as the transparent PVC chests that we used in the past.


Up to 3.50 m high

The ShowCase system can work with panels up to 120 cm wide and 350 cm high, so as much space as possible will be cut into a number of panels as small as possible.