The handrail made of aluminum on the wall or on the attic, made of aluminum, painted or painted in wood sublimation, either round or square, is the perfect solution for a support point on the stairs where the space does not allow the installation of a railing or on the stairs where the current hand is used. of the mounted railing is cumbersome (for example on the round fan-type scraps). It is also suitable for mounting on linear surfaces (on the right plane), not only on inclined surfaces.

In locations such as: houses, commercial spaces, hospitals, kindergartens, kindergartens, commercial or industrial spaces with slippery flooring surfaces, entrances to block or institution stairs, fire or basement stairs and with two variants in depending on the surface on which it is mounted and the length of the section, the current hand on the wall is the most economical and practical solution.

Eloxata, in the classic version of production: gold, light silver, dark silver (imitation stainless steel, or champagne (bronze) or painted in wood sublimation (imitation oak, walnut, mahogany, wenghe and other shades), with a wide possibility in use different types and models of glass, the current hand on the masonry or on the attic, represents the perfect link between safety and impeccable design.

All the railings made of polished aluminum offered by our company have CE certification, certification of impact resistance and surface treatment certifications, the lifetime offered by the manufacturer being over 50 years.

The advantages of using alloy aluminum railings:

– the accommodation is guaranteed 50 years;

– it does not exfoliate, it does not lose its color;

– it is easy to install and can be disassembled if necessary, the reassembly is also easy;

– being a modular system, it is not welded, by this way it can be fitted by any person with a minimum knowledge base, avoiding the smoke and the risk of burning the floor or walls;

– confers a pleasant design to the space, being easily curved by the radius, sub-chromia paints Wood or electrostatic imitation in any RAL;

– and last but not least, it is an economical, cheap option, for a railing in comparison to stainless steel, the difference being 50% less.