Glass railing with lateral fixing at points: RS 3500 and RS 3500 AG

RS 3500 and RS 3500 AG SYSTEM – lateral fixing in points


The single-point element RS 3500 for fixing the side glass is built to withstand the mounting of laminated and secured glass 6.6.2 and 8.8.2 mm. The glass railing with lateral fixing made from the single element RS 3500 is suitable in the areas where you want both unlimited visibility and maximum safety. Side fixing at points is an alternative solution for rails with external connection.

Our manufacturer has never ceased to continue the development of this system, the living proof presents exactly this single-point element for lateral connection of the laminated and secured glass 6.6.2 and 8.8.2, which is offered in both the standard version – RS 3500 and in the variant adjustable – RS 3500 AG.

Glass railing fixed laterally in single element RS 3500: design, safety, stability, unlimited panorama, cleaning and easy maintenance.

Technical specifications glass railing with lateral fixing

The single point stainless steel element, named and found in the wide market as a spider, is external to meet and practically regarding the lateral connection of the railing of laminated and secured glass. The system offered by us, comes to the consumers with two production options:

1. RS 3500 – fixed side glass fixing element


Stainless steel Spider RS 3500, standard laminated and secured glass fixing element, with 30 mm base body, 15 mm glass clamping cap, 45 mm diameter.

Fixed side glass fixture quote


Specification sheet 8.8.2 RS 3500 side glass


2. RS 3500 AG – adjustable fastener


Stainless steel Spider RS 3500 AG, adjustable laminated and secured glass fixing element, with 30 mm base body, 15 mm glass clamping cap, 45 mm diameter, in addition to the wall mounting part an adjustable cylinder, which makes mounting possible glass railing on the side where the edge of the finishing material is more than 30 mm

Adjustable glass fixture quote


Datasheet adjustable element for fixing the lateral glass RS 3500 AG


Glass railing with side mounting bracket: IC 2500 and IC 2500 SM

SYSTEM IC 2500 – Stainless steel console with floor mounting


SYSTEM IC 2500 SM – Stainless steel console with side mounting


Technical specifications Stainless steel console for glass railing 6.6.2 or 8.8.2 mm

Technical drawing console in stainless steel


Presentation console fixing to the floor


Side mounting console presentation


Stainless steel console IC 2500, with mounting on the floor or with lateral fixing, is a support for fixing laminated and secured glass, made of 100% high quality stainless steel and is used where you want to mount a railing made of laminated and secured glass, in which the bottle occupies a greater weight visually, the use of the current hand is not necessary, this is required only in the express wish of the buyer / beneficiary. The IC 2500 system can be used both indoors (stairs or balconies / terraces), as well as for the outside (stairs, balconies / terraces. Pools, fences for outdoor commercial spaces, etc.). It is a state-of-the-art system, stylish, with an elegant, robust and reliable visual note, extremely practical and multifunctional, allowing the mounting of laminated and secured glass 6.6.2 and 8.8.2 mm

Panel with console fixed to the floor


Panel with side console fixed


Glass railing 6.6.2 and 8.8.2 mm with lateral attachment: XV 7500

SISTEM XV 7500 – side rail made of glass


The standard type aluminum rod system, XV 7500, for the railing of laminated and secured glass with lateral fixation, represents the BEST SOLUTION for all types of external connections. Suitable for secure laminated glass with thicknesses of 6.6.2 mm and 8.8.2 mm, the system can be used for both inclined planes such as stairs and ramps, balconies and for spaces where a glass parapet is required. It enlarges the panorama and creates large spaces both on projects and high class buildings and in the residential sphere. It makes you feel stability and durability at the first touch. All mounting details are kept under the ornamental covers. The simplicity and aesthetics combine perfectly with XV 7500. The current hand is not required for use until after the height of the glass exceeds 1000 mm. It holds a license for impact resistance Giordano Studio and fits perfectly in the norms imposed by the local legislation Euro Cod 1

XV 7500 system components

Dimensioned sketch – XV 7500 lateral fixed glass railing


System based on parts with lateral fixation for glass 6.6.2 or 8.8.2

System overview XV 7500


The fastening system is harmoniously closed with side caps with glass lining

Glass railing 8.8.2 and 10.10.2 mm with lateral support: BV 9500 S

SYSTEM BV 9500 S – glass railing with side fixing


The high performance aluminum latch system, BV 9500 S, for the laminated and secured glass railing with thickness 8.8.2, 10.10.2 and 12.12.2 mm with lateral fixing, is unique. The unique feature of the BV 9500 S laminated and secured glass railing is that, the system allows, with precision and ease, the fixing – adjustment and alignment of the glass panels with the help of fixing and adjusting screws, not requiring the alignment profile of the glass or the current hand, eliminating any type of problem regarding the lateral fixation on places with some slope in the conditions in which it is desired that the finished product be without any deviation.

Laminated and secure glass railing 8.8.2, 10.10.2 and 12.12.2 mm, BV 9500 S with lateral attachment ensures unlimited visibility and does not require the installation of the current hand which makes the system quite efficient in terms of costs. Also it fits perfectly in the norms imposed by Euro Code 1, it can be mounted aboslut in any type of space.

System components

Technical sketch quoted system BV 9500 S


The system BV 9500 S for lateral fixing glass 8.8.2, 10.10.2 and 12.12.2 mm is composed of pieces of 20 cm length and ornamental side caps.

The height of the glass panel can be mounted up to 1250 mm in accordance with all safety regulations required by regulations.

If any of the glass panels has been cracked or broken, it can be easily replaced without dismantling the railing system or affecting / damaging the mounting surface.

BV9500 S System overview


Handrail system for glass 16, 20, 24 mm and accessories for fastening and fixing