The shutters protect the objects inside the living space from the degradation produced in time by the ultraviolet rays of the sun, protect the dwelling from the weather and thermally insulate, eliminating the heat loss. Another advantage is the blade opening adjustment that allows the bulk of the light entering the room to create a pleasant environment.
With their unique shutter system, the shutters happily solve the problems of privacy and home security in a modern and elegant manner along with protective and decorative features.

Types of shutters    Constructive details

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  • Classic opening
  • Link between traditional and modern
  • Fixed or adjustable lamella
  • Effective and sustainable


  • Sliding opening
  • Modern
  • Fixed or adjustable lamella
  • Cover large areas
  • Effective and sustainable


  • Harmonic (foldable) opening
  • It blends the classic with the modern
  • Fixed or adjustable lamella
  • Cover large areas
  • Effective and sustainable
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Fixed lamellar shutters

Provides additional sound and thermal insulation to the window as well as a superior burglary protection class. Also, with their help, you can easily turn the day into the night, enjoying the privacy of a relaxing and restful ambience in the middle of the day.

Shutters with adjustable lamella

In addition to those with a fixed lamellar, it is possible to control the light flow. Thus, during the summer they can turn into real sun visors that considerably reduce the energy consumption for cooling the room.