Comfort for your home!
Very good thermal insulation properties, high burglary resistance and effective sound insulation.


Advantages of the KOMFORTO window
with GEALAN profile


The large number of chambers inside the profile, together with the insulating glass, effectively reduce energy losses and contribute to a comfortable living environment. Large windows can be designed to provide a generous supply of natural light and thus participate in lowering electricity consumption

Safety and protection

The profile is reinforced with galvanized steel reinforcements. Standard equipment is made of Maco, with high burglary. The windows are robust and provide a high degree of home security.

Certified quality

Fereastra Perfecta windows are periodically verified and certified by the most important institute in Europe, IFT – Institute for Window Engineering, Rosenheim Germany. The quality of used materials and modern production equipment contributes to achieving these performances.

Sound protection

Noise may be ill, so noise protection is an important factor for health. The architecture of the profile chambers, together with the performance of the right glass package, ensures the conditions for effective sound insulation. The noise level is low and the quality of life is improved.

Compelling design

Those who cherish the natural look and want to enjoy the benefits of modern PVC windows at the same time have a range of natural-looking wood decors. It is recommended as a classic style when renovating buildings and when design has to fit in the landscape. The KOMFORTO range is available in both Classic and Design – the profiles have straight edges or complex roundings, able to meet all expectations.

Technical details KOMFORTO
with GEALAN profile

Construction depth 74 mm.
6 isolation rooms.
Standard reinforcement with steel reinforcements.
Double / triple thermo-insulating glass, with a packet thickness of 24-46 mm.
Optionally, you can choose glazing with special treatments – solar control, sound protection, burglar, decorative.
Gray seals on white windows; black seals on color windows.
Standard, extra-standard colors and special colors according to the palette.
Profiles have straight edges or complex rounds
The system is flexible and allows the installation of RC1 / RC2 top-of-the-line safety devices directly on the window.
Thermal coefficient – Uf = 1.1 W / m2K
Noise is reduced by up to 47 dB.

Advantages of the KOMFORTO window
with SALAMANDER profile

Technical details KOMFORTO
with SALAMANDER profile

Optimal solution, stylish, thermal comfort, sound protection, security and durability over time.
It is the perfect choice by combining the low investment value and the benefits of a complete PVC joinery and thermal insulating glass.

1. Construction depth 76 mm,
profile Salamander with 7 isolation rooms, 100% manufactured in Germany. Profile 100% Class A, exterior wall thickness minimum 3 mm;

2. Standard rigging
with galvanized steel enclosed on the heel, 1.5 mm – windows and 2 mm – doors;

3. Insulating glass
double or triple, package thickness between 24 – 32 – 40 – 48 mm;

4. Gaskets
gray for white windows and black for color windows;

5. Attractive design
through rounded contours;

6. Profile system with 2 insulation seals

Roto ironworks
with all high-quality anti-burglary locks, manufactured 100% in Germany, equipped in standard with economic ventilation and a mechanism against incorrect operation;

Thermal transfer coefficient
up to Uw = 0.73 W / (m²K) *.
* Calculation for the standard test window, 1230 x 1480 mm.

The advantages of the KOMFORTO window
with SCHUCO profile

The new European standards, specify higher levels for the thermal insulation of buildings. Schüco windows offer solutions to these requirements. Due to the special construction of the profile insulation faults, the Schüco systems allow a much greater energy savings compared to the regular windows.

At a profile with a construction depth of 82mm, the heat transfer coefficient of the Uw window can reach up to 0.74 W / m2K.

The feeling of security inside the house, both in the weather and in the wrongdoers, is one of the most important aspects in ensuring a pleasant environment. The Schüco systems are discreet and very efficient, ensuring maximum safety.

The steel or aluminum interior reinforcement offers high anti-theft resistance while maintaining a pleasant and modern look. The locking mechanisms with lockable handles and multiple locking points provide an easy and efficient way to secure the home.

The windows with Schüco insulating windows are characterized by an elegant design that harmoniously combines the functionality with the aesthetic role of the windows. Using new intelligent technologies, Schüco systems allow customization of windows to suit your construction.

Moreover, there are accessories and exterior ornaments of aluminum in all shades of RAL (so you can choose any color you want), but also many possibilities for wood imitation. Of the numerous components patented by Schuco, the Automotive finish is an exceptional distinguishing element for the products under this brand.

Sealing systems with perimeter gaskets coextruded together with thermo and soundproofing glass ensure excellent protection against noise, weather and low temperatures. With the Schüco windows, the temperature of the inner face of the profile will not be lower than the temperature of the room, nor in the heaviest winters.

Schüco systems provide a series of accessories dedicated to the proper ventilation for rooms, even when the window is closed. Either through the automatic ventilation systems (which ensure a constant supply of fresh air, the window being closed) or through the integrated fans, it is ensured that the allergenic factors (dust, pollen, smoke, etc.) remain outside the home.

Improper ventilation can lead to increased humidity and mucus formation. Usually, in most cases, the ventilation is achieved by opening the window, which results in a loss of thermal energy of up to 50% in just 20 minutes.

Schüco windows are very durable. This is due to the own recipe used in the extrusion of profiles that give them elasticity and stability. Due to temperature oscillations the profiles are expanded and contracted. Good elasticity allows them to return to their initial dimensions, thus determining a balanced window behavior.

Smooth and weather-resistant surfaces make Schüco windows look like new, and after many years of installation, with minimal maintenance.

Schüco Corona CT 70

The Corona CT 70 PVC system with bumpers is based on a 5-chamber profile. This system is highlighted by excellent thermal insulation characteristics and at the same time on narrow visible widths.

Construction depth of 70 mm
120mm narrow visible widths for standard profile combinations
The geometry of the earrings both in the flattened optics (Classic), as well as a quarter flattened (Rondo) and semi-flattened (Cava)
Geometrically innovative design of the semi-flattened (concave shape) cherry, unique on the market
Sharp contours with soft connections and fabrics of visible surfaces
Multiple renovation variants thanks to attractive design glass rods
Optimal ratio of thermal insulation and stability
Modern gray metallic EPDM gaskets for white profiles, black EPDM gaskets for laminated profiles
Depending on the combination of profiles and glazing, Uw values ​​up to 0.9 W / (m²K) can be reached
Depending on the type of profile and the glazing, a sound insulation of up to 47 db is possible

Introducing this system into the Corona color concept will make it possible to choose from a range of over 20 wooden or single decorations in the variants used on one or both sides. High quality, ultraviolet and weather resistant decoration foils are also available in special colors.