It delivers excellent air tightness, ensures ideal thermal comfort and minimizes energy consumption for heating or cooling.
PERFEKTA is characterized by: energy efficiency, numerous design possibilities for carpentry, pleasant design and spectacular colors. The windows correspond to the passive house standard.


Advantages of the PERFEKTA window
with GEALAN profile

Innovation with verified system

The GEALAN-KUBUS® system defines a new architectural language for plastic windows. An additional light and transparency through large glass surfaces offers new design perspectives. As for the interior, the new system convinces through a unitary appearance, without disturbing joints, while on the outside, the perpendicularly resplendent edge accentuates the impression of general harmony.

STV – the revolutionary dry-bonding system of the glass allows the design of generous windows with very good statics.

IKDthe main chamber of the profile is filled, directly in the factory, with thermal insulating foam. Remarkable thermal insulation properties, including colorful windows, are achieved.

Acrylcolorthe technology connects inseparably the colored acrylic layer with the PVC profile. The resulting surfaces have stable long-lasting colors, scratch resistant and protected against scuffing or cracking, even in extreme climatic conditions.

PERFEKTA Technical Details
with GEALAN-KUBUS® profile

Rectangular and almost invisible

The size of the system is 100 mm, both with the frame-sash combination and the mobile pendant variant. Thus, the mobile pillar and the side sections of the frame have the same visible width, giving the viewer an aesthetic effect of symmetry.

100 mm – the measure of all things

  • Depth of construction and visible width of 100 mm both for the frame-sash package and in the mobile pendant variant
  • Single-layered appearance
  • Clear contours

Advantages of the PERFEKTA window
with SALAMANDER profile

PERFEKTA Technical Details
with SALAMANDER profile

Top solution: excellent energy performance and increased static resistance.
Its modern design is conferred by the minimalist shapes of the PVC profile, regardless of the architectural requirements oriented to straight or round shapes.

1. Construction depth 92 mm,
Salamander profile with 6 isolation chambers, 100% made in Germany. Profile 100% Class A, exterior wall thickness minimum 3 mm;

2. Standard rigging
with galvanized steel enclosed on the frame, 2 mm – windows and 2 mm – doors.

3. Triple thermal insulating glass
52 – 60 mm with 3 sheets of glass and SWISSPACER® Ultimate thermal spacer in standard;

4. Gaskets
gray for white and black windows for color windows;

5. Exclusive design
sash arched as a dropper;

6. Profile system with 3 insulation gaskets.

Roto ironworks
with all high-quality anti-burglary locks, manufactured 100% in Germany, equipped in standard with economic ventilation and a mechanism against incorrect operation;

Thermal transfer coefficient
up to Uw = 0.73 W / (m²K) *.
* Calculation for the standard test window, 1230 x 1480 mm.